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Looking unto Jesus

Ambrose, Isaac. Redeeming the time. A sermon preached at Preston in Lancashire, January 4th. 1657. at the funerall of the Honourable Lady, the Lady Margaret Houghton. : Revised, and somewhat enlarged; and at the importunity of some friends now published. By Isaac Ambrose preacher of the gospel at Garstrange in the same county

Ambrose, Isaac. The doctrine & directions but more especially the practice and behavior of a man in the act of the nevv birth. : A treatise by way of appendix to the former. By Isaac Ambrose, minister of Christ at Preston in Amounderness in Lancashire

Ambrose, Isaac. Looking unto Jesus : a view of the everlasting Gospel; or, the souls eying of Jesus, as carrying on the great work of mans salvation from first to last. By Isaac Ambrose minister of the Gospel