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Baxter, Richard. A sermon of repentance· : Preached before the Honourable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament at Westminster, at their late solemn fast for the setling of these nations, April 30. 1660. By Richard Baxter

Baxter, Richard. Richard Baxter's Catholick theologie : plain, pure, peaceable: for pacification of the dogmatical word-warriours, who, 1. By contending about things unrevealed or not understood, 2. And by taking verbal differences for real, and their arbitrary notions for necessary sacred truths, deceived and deceiving by ambiguous unexplained words, have long been the shame of the Christian religion, a scandal and hardning to unbelievers, the incendiaries, dividers and distracters of the church, the occasion of state discords and wars, the corrupters of the Christian faith, and the subverters of their own souls, and their followers, calling them to a blind zeal, and wrathful warfare, against true piety, love and peace, and teaching them to censure, backbite, slander, and prate against each other, for things which they never understood. In three books. I. Pacifying principles, about Gods decrees, fore-knowledge, providence, operations, redemption, grace ... II. A pacifying praxis or dialogue, about the five articles, justification, &c. ... III. Pacifying disputations against some real errors which hinder reconciliation, viz. about physical predetermination, original sin, the extent of redemption ... Written chiefly for posterity, when sad experience hath taught men to hate theological logical wars, and to love, and seek, and call for peace. (Ex bello pax.)

Baxter, Richard. Rich. Baxters Apology against the modest exceptions of Mr T. Blake. And the digression of Mr G. Kendall. : Whereunto is added animadversions on a late dissertation of Ludiomaeus Colvinus, aliàs, Ludovicus Molinaeus, M. Dr Oxon. And an admonition of Mr W. Eyre of Salisbury. With Mr Crandon's anatomy for satisfaction of Mr Caryl

Baxter, Richard. The certainty of the worlds of spirits. : Fully evinced by unquestionable histories of apparitions and witchcrafts, operations, voices, &c. Proving the immortality of souls, the malice and miseries of the devils and the damned, and the blessedness of the justified. Written for the conviction of Sadduces & infidels, by Richard Baxter

Baxter, Richard. Rich: Baxter's confesssion [sic] of his faith : especially concerning the interest of repentance and sincere obedience to Christ, in our justification & salvation· VVritten for the satisfaction of the misinformed, the conviction of calumniators, and the explication and vindication of some weighty truths