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Bernard, Richard. The seaven golden candlestickes. : Englands honour. The great mysterie of Gods mercie yet to come. With peace to the pure in heart aduising to vnitie among our selues. By Richard Bernard, minister at Batcombe in Somersetshire

Bernard, Richard. The bible-battells, or, The sacred art military : for the rightly wageing of warre according to Holy Writ : compiled for the vse of all such valiant worthies, and vertuously valorous souldiers, as vpon all iust occasions be ready to affront the enemies of God, our king, and country

Bernard, Richard. A staffe of comfort to stay the weake from falling : very needfull for the afflicted. By Richard Bernard, preacher of Gods word; at Batcombe in Somerset-shire. Art thou any way tempted, or troubled? reade, beleeue, and reioyce