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Brinsley, John. The posing of the p[arts, or,] A most p[lain and] easie way of [examining] the accidence and gram[mar by questions and] answers aris[ing directly out of the] words [of the rules.] : Whereby all schola[rs may attain most speedily] to the perfect learnin[g, full understanding, and right] use thereof, fo[r their happy proceeding] in the [Latine tongue.] Gathered purposely [for the benefit of schools] and for the [use and delight of] master[s and scholars.]

True watch

Brinsley, John. The true vvatch, and rule of life. : Or A direction for the examination of our spirituall estate, and for the guiding of the whole course of our life, (according to the word of God, whereby we must be iudged at the last day) to helpe to preserue vs from apostasy, or decaying in grace, and to further our daily growth in Christ