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Calderwood, David. The true history of the Church of Scotland, from the beginning of the reformation, unto the end of the reigne of King James VI. : Wherein, besides some touches of the civil state and alteration of affaires, in their due order; there is not only a series of the assemblies, and of the principal of their actings recorded; but also a full and plaine relation of the trials and troubles, which the church did meet with from enemies to the purity of her doctrine, worship, discipline and government; of the several alterations, caused or occasioned thereby; of the many sad and lamentable faintings and backslideings of persons, sometimes eminent in the Church; of the faithful contendings of others for the prerogatives of Christ, as the alone head of the church, for the purity of his institutions, and for the liberty and privileges of his church and kingdom, against all enemies thereof; and particularly against Erastianisme and Prelacy, the two grand enemies of the discipline and government of the Church of Christ; and of their sad sufferings upon the account thereof. Written by that learned and laborious servant of Christ Mr David Calderwood. At the appointment of the General Assembly, by whom his laboures herein vvere several times revised and examined, and at length approved for the press