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Churchyard, Thomas. The moste true reporte of Iames Fitz Morrice death, and others the like offe[n]ders: with a brief discourse of rebellion, dedicated to the ribht [sic] worshipfull my louying freende M. Drewe Drewrie, brother to the honourable sir Willyam Drewrie, lorde Iustice of Irelande. Written by Thomas Churchyard Gent

Churchyard, Thomas. Churchyards good will. : Sad and heauy verses, in the nature of an epitaph, for the losse of the Archbishop of Canterbury, lately deceased, Primate and Metropolitane of all England. Written by Thomas Churchyard, Esquire

Churchyard, Thomas. The contention betwyxte Churchyeard and Camell, vpon Dauid Dycers dreame : sette out in suche order, that it is bothe wyttye and profytable for all degryes. Rede this littell comunication betwene Churchyarde: Camell: and others mo newlye imprinted and sett furthe for thy profyt gentill reader