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Cockburn, John. The history and examination of duels. : Shewing their heinous nature and the necessity of suppressing them. In two parts. By John Cockburn, D.D. With the edict of the King of France against duels; and an abridgment of that of the King of Poland

Cockburn, John. A letter from John Cockburn, D.D. to his friend in London ; giving an account, why the other narratives about Bourignianism are not yet publish'd, and answering some reflections pass'd upon the first

Cockburn, John. Bourignianism detected: or The delusions and errors of Antonia Bourignon, and her growing sect. : Which may also serve for a discovery of all other enthusiastical impostures. By John Cockburn. Narrative I

Cockburn, John. A continuation of the Historical relation of the late General Assembly in Scotland : with an account of the commissions of that assembly, and other particulars concerning the present state of the Church in that kingdom. Licens'd, November 14th. 1691