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Cosin, Richard. Ecclesiae Anglicanae politeia in tabvlas digesta. : Avthore Richardo Cosin legvm. Doctore, olim decano curiae de arcvbvs, & cancellario, seu vicario generali reuerendiss. Patris Ioannis Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis

Cosin, Richard. Ecclesiae Anglicanae politeia in tabulas digesta· : Authore Richardo Cosin, legum doctore, olim decano curiae de arcubus, & cancellario, seu vicario generali reverendiss. patris Joannis Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis

Cosin, Richard. An apologie for svndrie proceedings by iurisdiction ecclesiasticall of late times by some chalenged, and also diuersly by them impugned. By which Apologie (in their seuerall due places) all the reasons and allegations set downe as well in a treatise, as in certaine notes (that goe from hand to hand) both against proceedings ex officio, and against oaths ministred to parties in causes criminall; are also examined and answered: vpon that occasion lately reuiewed, and much enlarged aboue the first priuate proiect, and now published, being diuided into three partes: the first part whereof chieflie sheweth what matters be incident to ecclesiasticall conisance; and so allowed by statutes and common law: the second treateth (for the most part) of the two wayes of proceeding in causes criminal, viz. by way of accusation, & ex officio iudicis: the third concerneth oaths in generall, but more specially the lawfulnesse of such as be ministred touching supposed offenses, either of themselues that sweare, or of their brethren: respectiuelie submitted to the graue iudgements of the reuerend iudges and other sages of the common lawe: of iudicious professors of the ciuill lawe; and of the right reuerend prelates and other grounded diuines in this realme. Whereunto (for the learneds sake and for similitude of argument and iudgement) I have presumed to adioine that right excellent and sound determination (concerning oaths) which was made by M. Lancelot Androvves ... an. 1591