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Cotton, John. The keyes of the kingdom of heaven, and power thereof : according to the VVord of God. By that learned and judicious divine, Mr. Iohn Cotton, teacher of the church at Boston in New-England, tending to reconcile some present differences about discipline. Published by Tho. Goodwin. Philip Nye

Cotton, John. A practical commentary, or An exposition with observations, reasons, and vses upon the First epistle generall of John. : By that pious and worthy divine Mr. John Cotton, pastor of Boston in New-England

Cotton, John. Singing of Psalmes a gospel-ordinance. Or, a treatise : wherein are handled these particulars: 1. Touching the duty it selfe. 2. Touching the matter to be sung. 3. Touching the singers. 4. Touching the manner of singing. By John Cotton, teacher of the church at Boston in New-England