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Digby, Kenelm. The royall apologie: or, An ansvver to the declaration of the House of Commons : the 11. of February, 1647. In which they expresse the reasons for their resolutions for making no more addresses, nor receiving any from His Majesty

Digby, Kenelm. Of bodies, and of mans soul. : To discover the immortality of reasonable souls. With two discourses Of the powder of sympathy, and Of the vegetation of plants. By Sir Kenelm Digby Knight

Of bodies, and of mans soul.

Of bodies, and of mans soul.

Two treatises

Digby, Kenelm. A late discourse made in a solemne assembly of nobles and learned men at Montpellier in France : by Sir Kenelme Digby, Knight, &c Touching the cure of wounds by the power of smpathy [sic]; with instructions how to make the said powder; whereby many other secrets of nature are unfolded. Rendered faithfully out of French into English by R. White, gent