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Diodorus, Siculus. The history of Diodorus Siculus. : Containing all that is most memorable and of greatest antiquity in the first ages of the vvorld until the war of Troy. Done into English by H.C. Gent

Diodorus, Siculus. Diodōrou tou Sikeliōtou Bibliothēkēs istorikēs bibloi pentekaideka ek tōn tessarakonta = Diodori Siculi Bibliothecae historicae libri quindecim de quadraginta : decem ex his quindecim nunquam prius fuerunt editi

Diodorus, Siculus. A righte noble and pleasant history of the successors of Alexander surnamed the Great, taken out of Diodorus Siculus: and some of their lives written by the wise Plutarch. Translated out of French into Englysh. by Thomas Stocker