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Doolittle, Thomas. The mourners directory : guiding him to the middle way betwixt the two extreams defect excess of sorrow for his dead. To which is added, The mourners soliloquy. By Thomas Doolittle. M.A

A treatise concerning the Lords Supper

Doolittle, Thomas. Mah ashiv l'Yahweh or, A serious enquiry for a suitable return : for continued life, in and after a time of great mortality, by a wasting plague: (anno 1665.) answered in XIII. directions. By Tho. Doolitel

Doolittle, Thomas. Earthquakes explained and practically improved : occasioned by the late earthquake on Sept. 8. 1692. in London, many other parts in England, and beyond sea. By Thomas Doolittle M.A. Jamaica's miseries shew London's mercies. Both compared

Doolittle, Thomas. A treatise concerning the Lords Supper : with three dialogues for the more full information of the weak, in the nature and use of the Sacrament. By Tho. Doolittel