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Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur. Guilielmi Salustii Bartassii Hebdomas a Gabriele Lermaeo latinitate donata. Ad serenissimam, atque illustrissimam Elizabetam, Angliae, Franciae, & Hyberniae Reginam. Opus argumento sacrum, stylo perelegans, doctis gratum, studiosae iuuentuti perutile

Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur. Foure bookes of Du Bartas : I. The arke, II. Babylon, III. The colonnyes, IIII. The columues [sic] or pyllars: in French and English, for the instruction and pleasure of such as delight in both languages. By William L'Isle of Wilburgham, Esquire for the Kings body. Together with a large commentary by S.G. S