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England and Wales. Privy Council. Orders set downe and allowed by the Lordes of her Maiesties priuie counsell, and appoynted to be put in print for the postes betweene London, and the borders of Scotland. At Westminster the fourteenth of Iannary. 1583

England and Wales. Privy Council. Articles concerning the Admiralty of England, and the iurisdiction thereof. 21. Iulij. anno Domini. 1591. Regnique serenissimae Dominae Elizabethae Reginae tricesimo tertio

England and Wales. Privy Council. Wheras the Queenes Maiestie doth vnderstand, that notwithstanding her late proclamation concerning such persons as wander abroad in the habite of souldiers, there are diuers persons pretending to haue serued in the late warres and seruice as souldiers, ...