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Fitzherbert, John. Fitzharberts booke of husbandrie. : Deuided into foure seuerall bookes, very necessary and profitable for all sorts of people. And now newlie corrected, amended, and reduced, into a more pleasing forme of English then before

Fitzherbert, John. The booke of husbandrye very profitable and necessary for al maner of persons. Made first by the auctor Fitzherberd, and nowe lately corrected and amended, with diuers addicions put ther unto. Anno do. M.D.LXJJ

Fitzherbert, John. Here begynneth a newe tract or treatyse moste profytable for all husbande men and verye fruteful for all other persones to reade newly correcte[d] and amended, by the auctoure with dyuerse other thynges added there vnto