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France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII). The French kings declaration : made in fauour of the princes, dukes, peeres, officers of the crown, lords, gentlemen, and others, who had withdrawne themselues from his Maiesty. Published in Parliament the twelfth of May, 1617. Translated out of the French copie

France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII). The letter of the French King, to the Parliament of Roan, concerning the death of the Marshall D'Ancre. : Together with an act of the saide Parliament thereupon

France. Sovereign (1610-1643 : Louis XIII). Letters pattents of declaration of the King of France, for the reformation of excesse in Apparell, and for regulating of the same. : Published in the Parliament at Roüen the 30. day of May