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Fulke, William. The vvoman of Canaan A comfortable sermon of faith in temptations and afflictions. Preached at Saint Buttolphes without Aldersgate in London, the 15. of February. 1573. By Maister William Fulke Doctor of Diuinity and Maister of Pembrooke Hall in Cambridge

Fulke, William. A sermon preached at Hampton Court on Sonday being the. 12. day of Nouember, in the yeare of our Lord. 1570. VVherin is playnly proued Babylon to be Rome, both by Scriptures and doctors. Preached by VVilliam Fulke Bacheler of Deuinity, and fellow of S. Iohns Colledge in Cambridge

Fulke, William. T. Stapleton and Martiall (two popish heretikes) confuted, and of their particular heresies detected. By D. Fulke, Master of Pembrooke hall in Cambridge. Done and directed to all those that loue the truth, and hate superstitious vanities. Seene and allowed