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Fullwood, Francis. A review of the grand case of the present ministry : whether they may lawfully declare and subscribe as by the late act of uniformity is required? In reply to a book entitled; A short surveigh of the grand case, &c. Wherein all their objections against both the declarations are considered and answered. By the same hand

Fullwood, Francis. The doctrine of schism fully opened and applied to gathered churches. : Occasioned by a book entituled, Sacrilegious dissertion of the holy ministery rebuked: and tolerated preaching of the gospel vindicated. By the author of Toleration not to be abused by the Presbyterians

Fullwood, Francis. Some necessary & seasonable cases of conscience about things indifferent in matters of religion : briefly, yet faithfully stated and resolved: wherein the just bounds of imposing on one hand, and of obeying on the other, are truly fixed, by an indifferent hand

Fullwood, Francis. The general assembly: or, The necessity of receiving the communion in our publick congregations : evinced from the nature of the Church, the Word of God, and presbyterian principles. In a sermon lately preached in the Cathedral Church of Exeter. By Francis Fullwood. D.D