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Gardiner, Samuel. The portraitur of the prodigal sonne : liuelie set forth in a three-fold discourse.1. Of his progresse. 2 Of his regresse. 3. Of his ioyfull welcome home. Published by Samuell Gardiner Batchler [sic] of Diuinitie

Gardiner, Samuel. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the 9. of Iune. 1605. : Vpon the 20. of the Reuelation the 12. vers. treating of these seuerall heads. 1. Of the resurrection of the flesh. 2. Of the iudgement of the quicke and dead. 3. Of the communion of saints, 4. Of euerlasting life. By Samuell Gardnier [sic], Doct. of Diuinitie