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Physica. English

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Gassendi, Pierre. Petri Gassendi institutio astronomica juxta hypotheses tam veterum quàm recentiorum : cui accesserunt Galilei Galilei nuntius sidereus et Johannis Kepleri dioptrice

Gassendi, Pierre. The vanity of judiciary astrology. Or Divination by the stars. : Lately written in Latin, by that great schollar and mathematician, the illustrious Petrus Gassendus; mathematical professor to the king of France. Translated into English by a person of quality

Gassendi, Pierre. The mirrour of true nobility & gentility. : Being the life of the renowned Nicolaus Claudius Fabricius Lord of Peiresk, Senator of the Parliament at Aix. Written by the learned Petrus Gassendus, professor of the mathematicks to the King of France. Englished by W· Rand, Doctor of Physick