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Grave gentleman once a member of this House of Commons. A letter from a grave gentleman once a member of this House of Commons, to his friend, remaining a member of the same House in London. : Concerning his reasons why he left the House, and concerning the late treaty

N. N., Gentleman formerly of Queen's College Oxon. Will-with-a-wisp; or, the grand ignis fatuus of London. : Being a lay-man's letter to a country-gentleman, concerning the articles lately exhibited against Mr. Whiston: ... By a gentleman formerly of Queen's College, Oxon

Gentleman who attended his Lordship in his last moments. A candid and impartial account of the behaviour of Simon Lord Lovat : from the time his death-warrant was deliver'd, to the day of his execution. ... By a gentleman who attended His Lordship in his last moments

Gentleman who took the said sermon in short-hand. Reflections upon Mr. Stephens's sermon, preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Church in Westminster, January the 30th. 1699/700. By a gentleman who took the said sermon in short-hand