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Gregory, Francis. The right way to victory : discovered in a sermon, preached at Guild-Hall Chappel before the Lord Mayor of London, June 22. 1673. By Francis Gregory D.D. Rector of Hambleton in the county of Bucks, and chaplain in ordinary to his sacred Majesty. Printed at the request of the Lord Mayor

Gregory, Francis. Etymologikon mikron, sive, Etymologicum parvum : ex magno illo Sylburgii, Eustathio, Martinio, aliisque magni nominis authoribus, excerptum, digestum, explicatum. In usum Scholae Publicae Westmonasteriensis. Operâ & studio Francisci Gregorii Scholae Westmonasteriensis olim alumni, nuper ypodidaskalou, nunc verò Scholae Woodstochiensis in agro Oxoniensi institutoris

Gregory, Francis. Concio ad clerum, or A visitation sermon : preached at Great Wycomb within the diocess of Lincoln, May 13. 1673. By Francis Gregory, D.D. Rector of Hambleton, in the county of Bucks, and one of His sacred Majesties Chaplains in Ordinary