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Grimston, Harbottle. The speech which the Speaker of the House of Commons made unto the King in the House of Lords, at his passing of the bills therein mentioned, on the day of their adjournment; being the thirteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord, 1660

Grimston, Harbottle. The speech of Sr. Harbottle Grimston baronet: Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, to the Kings most excellent Majesty. Delivered in the Banquetting-House at White-Hall, May 29. 1660. : The members of that House being then present

Grimston, Harbottle. Mr Grymstons speech in Parliament upon the accusation and impeachment of William Laud Arch-bishop of Canterbury, upon high treason : declaring his wicked proceedings, and exorbitant power, both in church and common-wealth