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Guevara, Antonio de. The familiar epistles of Sir Antony of Gueuara, preacher, chronicler, and counsellour, to the Emperour Charles the fifth. Translated out of the Spanish toung, by Edward Hellows, Groome of the Leash. VVherein are contained very notable letters ...

Guevara, Antonio de. A looking glasse for the court. Composed in the Castilian tongue by the Lorde Anthony of Gueuarra Bishop of Mondouent, and chronicler to the Emperour Charles. And out of Castilian drawne into Frenche by Anthony Alaygre. And out of the French tongue into Englishe by Sir Fraunces Briant Knight one of the priuy Chamber, in the raygne of K. Henry the eyght

Guevara, Antonio de. Mount Caluarie, the second part: compyled by the reuerend father Don Anthonio de Gueuara ... In this booke the author treateth of the seuen words which Christ our redeemer spake hanging vpon the Crosse. Translated out of Spanish into English