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Hake, Edward. Of golds kingdome, and this vnhelping age Described in sundry poems intermixedly placed after certaine other poems of more speciall respect: and before the same is an oration or speech intended to haue bene deliuered by the author hereof vnto the Kings Maiesty

Hake, Edward. A commemoration of the most prosperous and peaceable raigne of our gratious and deere soueraigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God of England, Fraunce and Irelande, Queene &c. : Now newly set foorth this. xvii. day of Nouember, beyng the first day of the. xviii. yeere of her Maiesties sayd raigne. By Edw. Hake. Gent

Hake, Edward. A touchestone for this time present : expresly declaring such ruines, enormities, and abuses as trouble the Churche of God and our Christian common wealth at this daye. VVherevnto is annexed a perfect rule to be obserued of all parents and scholemaisters, in the trayning vp of their schollers and children in learning. Newly set foorth by E.H