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Hardy, Nathaniel. Love and fear the inseperable twins of a blest matrimony : charactarized in a sermon occasioned by the late nuptialls between Mr William Christmas and Mis Elizabeth Adams. Preached in St Dionis Back-Church by Nathanael Hardy Mr of Arts and preacher to that parish

Hardy, Nathaniel. Mercy in her beauty: or, The height of a deliverance from the depth of danger. : Set forth in the first sermon preached upon that occasion, by Nath: Hardy, Master of Arts, and preacher to the parish of S. Dionis Back-Church

Hardy, Nathaniel. The first general epistle of St. John the Apostle : unfolded and applied. The first part in two and twenty lectures on the first chapter: and two verses of the second: delivered in St. Dyonis. Back-Church. An. Dom. 1654. By Nath. Hardy minister of the Gospel, and preacher to that parish

Hardy, Nathaniel. VVisdomes character and counterfeit· : Deliniated in two sermons. The one on the epistle of St. James, chap. 3.17. The other on the gospel of St. Matth: chap. 2.8. By Nath: Hardy, minister of Gods word, and preacher to the parish of St. Dionis Back-Church