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Harris, Robert. The blessednesse of a sound spirit: vvith the misery of a vvounded spirit. : VVhere first a sound spirit is described and differenced, and lets discouered, helpes prescribed. By Robert Harris

Harris, Robert. A sermon preached to the honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, at a publike fast, May, 25. 1642. : By Robert Harris, Batchelor of Divinity and Pastor of Hanwell. Oxon. Published by order of that House

Harris, Robert. The vvorkes of Robert Harris, Bachelor in Divinity and pastor of Hanwell, in Oxford-shire. Revised, and in sundrie places corrected, and now collected into one volume. With an addition of two sermons, not formerly extant. As also two tables; the one of the texts and doctrines, the other alphabeticall, of the principall matters contained in the booke