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Helmont, Jean Baptiste van. Deliramenta catarrhi: or, The incongruities, impossibilities, and absurdities couched under the vulgar opinion of defluxions. The author, that great philosopher, by fire, Joh. Bapt. Van Helmont, &c. The translator and paraphrast Dr. Charleton, physician to the late King

A ternary of paradoxes.

Helmont, Jean Baptiste van. A ternary of paradoxes. : The magnetick cure of wounds. Nativity of tartar in wine. Image of God in man. Written originally by Joh. Bapt. Van Helmont, and translated, illustrated, and ampliated by Walter Charleton, Doctor in Physick, and physician to the late King

Helmont, Jean Baptiste van. Oriatrike, or, Physick refined : the common errors therein refuted, and the whole art reformed & rectified : being a new rise and progress of phylosophy and medicine for the destruction of diseases and prolongation of life