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Hooper, John. VVhether Christian faith maye be kepte secret in the heart, without confession therof openly to the worlde as occasion shal serue. : Also what hurt co[m]meth by the[m] that hath receiued the Gospell, to be prese[n]t at Masse vnto the simple and vnleatned [sic]

Hooper, John. An apologye made by the reuerende father and constante martyr of Christe Iohn Hooper late bishop of Gloceter and Worceter againste the vntrue and sclaunderous report that he should be a maintainer and encorager of suche as cursed the Quenes highnes that then was, Quene Marye. Wherein thou shalte see this godlye mannes innocency and modest behauioure: and the falsehode and subtyltye of the aduersaryes of Gods truth