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Hooper, John. A declaratyon of the ten holy commaundementes of almyghtye God wryten Exo. xx. Deu. 5. Collected out of the scrypture canonycall, by Iohn Houper, with certeyne newe addisions made by the same maister Houper

Hooper, John. An apologye made by the reuerende father and constante martyr of Christe Iohn Hooper late bishop of Gloceter and Worceter againste the vntrue and sclaunderous report that he should be a maintainer and encorager of suche as cursed the Quenes highnes that then was, Quene Marye. Wherein thou shalte see this godlye mannes innocency and modest behauioure: and the falsehode and subtyltye of the aduersaryes of Gods truth