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Horneck, Anthony. The nature of true Christian righteousness : in a sermon preached before the King and Queen, at Whitehal, the 17th of November 1689. By Anthony Horneck D.D. chaplain in ordinary to Their Majesties. Published by Her Majesties special command

Horneck, Anthony. A sermon preached at Fulham : in the chappel of the palace, upon Easter-day, MDCLXXXIX. At the consecration of the right reverend father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum. By Anthony Horneck, D.D

Horneck, Anthony. Gods providence in the midst of confusions· : Set out in a sermon preach'd at the Savoy, January the 30. 1681. Being the anniversary of the martyrdom of King Charles I. By Anthony Horneck D.D

Horneck, Anthony. The great lavv of consideration: or A discourse : wherein the nature, usefulness, and absolute necessity of consideration, in order to a truly serious and religious life, is laid open. The second edition corrected and enlarged. By Anthony Horneck, preacher at the Savoy