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Howell, James. Epistolae Ho-elianae. : Familiar letters, domestic and forren [sic]. Divided into four books, partly historical, political, philosophicall, upon emergent occasions. By James Howell Esq; one of the clerks of his late Maties most honble Privy Councell

Howell, James. Instructions for forreine travell. : Shewing by what cours, and in what compasse of time, one may take an exact survey of the kingdomes and states of Christendome, and arrive to the practicall knowledge of the languages, to good purpose

Howell, James. S· P Q· V· A survay of the signorie of Venice : of her admired policy, and method of goverment, &c. With a cohortation to all Christian princes to resent her dangerous condition at present. By James Hovvell Esq