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Huggarde, Miles. The displaying of the Protestantes and sondry their practises, with a description of diuers their abuses of late frequented within their malignaunte churche. Perused and set furth with thassent [sic] of authoritie, accordyng too the ordre in that behalfe appoynted

Huggarde, Miles. The assault of the sacrame[n]t of the altar : containyng aswell sixe seuerall assaultes made from tyme to tyme against the sayd blessed sacrament: as also the names [et] opinions of all the heretical captaines of the same assaultes: written in the yere of oure Lorde 1549. by Myles Huggarde, and dedicated to the Quenes moste excellent maiestie, beyng then ladie Marie: in which tyme (heresie then raigning) it could take no place

Huggarde, Miles. A mirrour of loue, which such light doth giue, that all men may learne, how to loue and liue. Compiled and set furth by Myles Hogarde seruaunt to the quenes highnesse