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Jacombe, Thomas. Oi ele⁻emonez ele⁻ethesuntai, or Gods mercy for mans mercy. : Opened in a sermon at the spittle, March 31. 1657. before the Right Honourable the Lord Major, the aldermen, &c. By Thomas Jacomb minister of the Gospel at S. Martins Ludgate, London

The active and publick spirit

Jacombe, Thomas. Abraham's death, the manner, time, and consequent of it. : Opened and applied in a funeral sermon, preached upon the death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Case, minister of the gospel. June 14th, 1682. With a narrative of his life and death. By Thomas Jacomb, D.D

Jacombe, Thomas. Enoch's walk and change : opened in a sermon at Lawrence-Jury in London, Febr. 7th. 1655. At the funeral of the reverend Mr. Richard Vines, minister of the Gospel there; with a short account of his life and death; with some elegies, &c. on his death. By Tho. Jacombe, minister of Martins-Ludgate in the city of London