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John Chrysostom, Saint. An exposition vpon the Epistle of S. Paule the Apostle to the Ephesians: by S. Iohn Chrysostome, Archbishop of Constantinople. Truely and faithfully translated out of Greeke. Perused, and auctorized, according to an order appointed in hir Maiesties iniunctions

John Chrysostom, Saint. Tou en hagiois patros hēmōn Iōannou Archiepiskopou Kōnstantinoupoleōs tou Chrysostomou tōn heuriskomenōn tomos prōtos [-ogdoos], di epimeleias k[a]i analōmatōn Herrikou tou Sabiliou en palaiōn antigraphōn ekdotheis

John Chrysostom, Saint. A sermon of Saint Chrysostome, wherein besyde that it is furnysshed with heuenly wisedome [and] teachinge, he wonderfully proueth, that no man is hurted but of hym selfe: translated into Englishe by the floure of lerned menne in his tyme, Thomas Lupsette Londoner