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La Serre, M. de. The secretary in fashion: or, A compendious and refined way of expression in all manner of letters. Composed in French by P. Sr de la Serre, historiographer of France. And translated into English, by John Massinger, Gent

La Serre, M. de. Ethice Christiana, or, The school of wisdom. : Wherein the grounds of moral philosophy are demonstrated to comply with the principles of Christian religion: by a mixt exercise of grace and vertue. Written originally in French, by the exquisite pen of M. De la Serre, and done into English by J.A

La Serre, M. de. The mirrour which flatters not. : Concerning the contempt of the world, or the meditation of death; of Philip King of Macedon, Saladine, Adrian, and Alexander the Great. By le Sieur de la Serre, Historiographer of France. Transcribed English from the French, by T. Cary, Esq