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Latimer, Hugh. A moste faithfull sermo[n] preached before the Kynges most excelle[n]te Maiestye, and hys most honorable Councel, in his court at Westminster, by the reuerende Father Master. Hughe Latymer

Latimer, Hugh. The seconde sermon of Maister Hughe Latimer : whych he preached before the Kynges maiestie, w[ith]in his graces palayce at Westminster [the]. xv. day of Marche. M.ccccc.xlix. Cum gratia et priuilegio ad imprimendum solum

Latimer, Hugh. The fyrste sermon of Mayster Hughe Latimer, whiche he preached before the Kynges Grace : wythin his graces palayce at Westmynster M. D. XLIX. the viii. of Marche