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Leigh, William. The dreadfull day : dolorous to the wicked, but glorious to all such as looke and long after Christ his second comming. In two sermons; by William Leigh, pastor at Standish in Lancashire

Leigh, William. The first step, towards heaven or, Anna the prophetesse : her holy haunt, to the temple of God. Preached at Standish Church in the Countie of Lancaster. By VVilliam Leigh, Batchillor of Diuinity, and pastor there. With the second edition of great Brittaines deliuerance, newly corrected, and enlarged by the author

Leigh, William. Dauids palme and cedar : shewing the reward of the righteous. In a sermon preached at Eccleston church in Lancashire; Iuly, 25. 1614. being the day of dedication of Heskine Schoole: founded by Sir Iames Pemberton knight, late alderman and citizen of London. By William Leigh Bachelor in Diuinity, and pastor at Standish