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Leighton, Robert. Rmi. D.D. Roberti Leighton Archiep. Glascuensis Praelectiones theologicae : in auditorio publico Academiae Edinburgenae (dum Professoris primarii munere ibi sungererur) habitae. Unâ cum paraenesibus in comitiis Academicis ad gradus Magistratis in artibus candidatos. Quibus adjiciuntur Meditationes ethico-criticae in Psalmos IV. XXXII. CXXX. Ex authoris autographo fideliter editae

Leighton, Robert. A practical commentary· : Upon the two first chapters of the first epistle general of St. Peter. By the Most Reverend Dr. Robert Leighton, some-time Arch-Bishop of Glasgow. Published after his death; at the request of his friends