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Lightfoot, John. A sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons : at Margarets Westminster, upon the 26. day of August 1645. being the day of their solemne monethly fast. By John Lightfoot, a member of the Assembly of Divines

Lightfoot, John. A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons : at their publique fast, holden in Margarets Westminster. Febr. 24. 1646./47. By John Lightfoot, Staffordiens. a Member of the Assembly of Divines

Lightfoot, John. Elias redivivus : a sermon preached before the honorable House of Commons, in the parish of Saint Margarets West minster, at the publike fast, March 29, 1643. By John Lightfoote, preacher of the Gospel at Bartholomew Exchange, London

Lightfoot, John. The harmony of the foure evangelists, among themselves, and with the Old Testament. : The second part. From the baptism of our Saviour, to the first Passeover after. With an explanation of the chiefest difficulties both in language and sense. By John Lightfoote, a member of the assembly of Divines

Lightfoot, John. An handfull of gleanings out of the Book of Exodus. : Probable solution of some of the mainest scruples, and explanation of the hardest places of that Booke. Scarcely given by any heretofore. By John Lightfoot, Staffordiensis, Minister of the Gospel at St. Bartholmew Exchange, London