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Newton, John. Institutio mathematica, or, A mathematical institution : shewing the construction and use of the naturall and artificiall sines, tangents, and secants, in decimal numbers, and also of the table of logarithms in the general solution of any triangle whether plain or spherical, with their more particular application in astronomie, dialling, and navigation

Newton, John. Astronomia Britannica : exhibiting the doctrine of the sphere, and theory of the planets decimally by trigonometry, and by tables. Fitted for the meridian of London, according to the Copernican systeme as it is illustrated by Bullialdus, and the easie way of calculation, lately published by Doctor Ward. By John Newton, M:A

Newton, John. Mathematical elements, : in III parts. The first, being A discourse of practical geometry ... The second, A description and use of the coelestial and terrestrial globes. The third, The delineation of the globe upon the plain of any great circle, according to the stereographick or circular projection ...

Newton, John. An introduction to the art of logick : composed for the use of English schools, and all such who having no opportunity of being instructed in the Latine tongue, do however desire to be instructed in this liberal science. By John Newton, D.D