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Owen, John. The works of the late Reverend and Learned John Owen, D.D. : ... Containing several scarce and valuable discourses, (viz.) I.A. declaration of the glorious mystery of the person of Christ, God and man. II. of communion with God ... With a display of Arminianism. ... To which is prefixed the doctor's effigies curiously engraven. ...

Owen, John. A review of the true nature of schisme : with a vindication of the congregationall churches in England, from the imputation thereof unjustly charged on them by Mr D. Cawdrey, preacher of the Word at Billing in Northampton-shire. By John Owen D.D

Owen, John. A vindication of the Animadversions on Fiat lux· : Wherein the principles of the Roman Church, as to moderation, unity and truth are examined: and sundry important controversies concerning the rule of faith, papal supremacy, the mass, images, &c. discussed. By John Owen D.D