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Parsons, Robert. A briefe discourse containing certaine reasons, why Catholikes refuse to goe to church. Written by a learned and vertuous man, to a friend of his in England. And dedicated by I.H. to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie

Parsons, Robert. An epistle of the persecution of Catholickes in Englande Translated ovvt of frenche into Englishe and conferred vvithe the Latyne copie. by G.T. To whiche there is added an epistle by the translator to the right honorable lordes of her maiesties preeuie councell towchynge the same matter

Parsons, Robert. The Christian directory guiding men to eternall saluation. Deuided into two parts. The first whereof layeth downe the motiues to a good resolution. The second remoueth the viuall hinderances, and impediments of the same. Written by the R. Father Robert Persons [sic], of the Society of Iesus