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Perkins, William. The works of that famous and worthy minister of Christ in the Vniversitie fo Cambridge, M. William Perkins. with distinct chapters, and contents of every booke prefixed, and two tables of the whole adjoyned, one of the matters and questions, the other of choice places of Scripture

Perkins, William. A golden chaine, or The description of theologie containing the order of the causes of saluation and damnation, according to Gods word. A viewe whereof is to be seene in the table annexed. Written in Latine, and translated by R.H. Hereunto is adioined the order which M. Theodore Beza vsed in comforting afflicted consciences

Perkins, William. A treatise tending vnto a declaration whether a man be in the estate of damnation, or in the estate of grace and if he be in the first, how he may in time come out of it, if in the second, how he may discerne it and perseuere in the same to the end