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Phillips, Edward. The new world of words: or, universal English dictionary. Containing an account of the original or proper sense, and various significations of all hard words derived from other languages, ... Together with a brief ... explication of all terms relating to any of the arts and sciences, ... To which is added, the interpretation of proper names of men and women, ... Compiled by Edward Phillips, Gent

New world of words

Phillips, Edward. The mysteries of love & eloquence, or, the arts of vvooing and complementing ; as they are manag'd in the Spring Garden, Hide Park, the New Exchange, and other eminent places. A work, in which are drawn to the life, the deportments of the most accomplisht persons, the mode of their courtly entertainments, treatments of their ladies at balls, their accustom'd sports, drolles and fancies, the witchcrafts of their perswasive language, in their approaches, or other more secret dispatches. To compleat the young practioners of love and courtship, these following conducing helps are chiefly insisted on. Addresses, and set forms of expressions for imitation; poems, pleasant songs, letters, proverbs, riddles, jeasts, posies, devices, a la mode pastimes, a dictionary for the making of rimes, four hundred and fifty delightful questions, with their several answers. As also epithets, and flourishing similitudes, alphabetically collected, and so properly applied to their serveral [sic] subjects, that they may be rendred admirably useful on the sudden occasions of discourse or writing. Together, with a new invented art of logick, so plain and easie by way of questions and answers, that the meanest capacity may in a short time attain to a perfection in the wayes of arguing and disputing