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Powel, Gabriel. Prodromus A logicall resolution of the I. chap. of the epistle of the Apostle Paule vnto the Romanes. Togither with such severall instructions, notes, observations, and vses, as naturally arise out of every particular verse. By Gabriel Powel

Powel, Gabriel. The resolved Christian exhorting to resolution Written to comfort the faint-hearted, to strengthen the faithfull, to recall the worldling, and to perswade all men so to run, that they may obtaine. Corrected and enlarged

Powel, Gabriel. The resolued Christian, exhorting to resolution. : Written, to recall the worldling, to comfort the faint-harted, to strengthen the faithfull, and to perswade all men, so to runne, that they may obtaine. By Gabriel Powel