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Rastell, John. Expositiones terminoru[m] legu[m] angloru[m]. : Et natura breuium cum diuersis casibus regulis [et] fundamentis legu[m] tam de libris Magistri Litteltoni qua[m] de alijs legum libris collectis et breuiter compilatis pro iuuinibus valde necessarijs

Rastell, John. An exposition of certaine difficult and obscure words, and termes of the lawes of this realme, newly set forth & augmented, both in French & English, for the help of such yong students, as are desirous to attaine to the knowledge of the same

Rastell, John. Les termes de la ley; or, Certain difficult and obscure words and terms of the common laws and statutes of this realm now in use, expounded and explained. : Now corrected and enlarged. With very great additions throughout the whole book, never printed in any other impression