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Rule, Gilbert. The good old way defended : against the attempts of A.M. D.D. in his book called, An enquiry into the new opinions, (chiefly) propogated by the Presbyterians of Scotland: wherein the divine right of the government of the church by presbyters acting in parity, is asserted; and the pretended divine right of the hierarchie is disproved: the antiquity of parity and novelty of episcopacy as now pleaded for, are made manifest from Scriptural arguments, and the testimony of the antient writers of the Christian-Church: and the groundless and unreasonable confidence of some prelatick writers exposed. Also, the debates about holy-days, schism, the church-government used among the first Scots Christians, and what else the enquirer chargeth us with, are clearly stated, and the truth in all these maintained against him. Likewise, some animadversions on a book called the Fundamental charter of presbytery; in so far as it misrepresenteth the principles and way of our first reformers from popery: where the controversie about superintendents is fully handled: and the necessity which led our ancestors into that course for that time is discoursed. By Gilbert Rule, one of the ministers of the city, and principal of the College of Edinburgh

The good old way defended

Rule, Gilbert. A true representation of Presbyterian government : wherein a short and clear account is given of the principles of them that owne it. The common objections against it answered, and some other things opened that concern it in the present circumstances. The second edition corrected and much enlarged. By a friend to that interest. Licensed April the 18. 1690