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Sanderson, Robert. Casus conscientiae (sive quaestiones practicae) novem : soluti pro re natâ atque decîsi per reverendum admodùm in Christo Patrem Robertum Sandersonum Episcopum nuper Lincolniensem. Ex Anglico sermone (post repetitas editiones) recèns in Latinum conversi

Sanderson, Robert. De juramenti promissorii obligatione praelectiones septem. : Habitae in schola theologica Oxonii termino Michaelis anno Dom. MDCXLVI. A Roberto Sandersono, s. Theologiae in Academia Oxoniensi Professore Regio. Praemissa oratione ab eodem habita cùm publicam professionem auspicaretur 26. Octobr. 1646

Sanderson, Robert. De juramento. : Seven lectures concerning the obligation of promissory oathes. Read publicly in the Divinity School at Oxford. By Robert Sanderson D.D. His Majesties publick professor there. Translated into English by His late Majesties speciall command, and afterwards revised and approved under His Majesties own hand

Sanderson, Robert. De obligatione conscientiae praelectiones decem : Oxonii in scholâ theologicâ habitae anno. Dom. MDCXLVII. A Roberto Sandersono, S. Theologiae ibidem professore regio, et ab eodem exprofesore, nunc primùm editae

Sanderson, Robert. Tvvelve sermons : preached 1. Ad clerum. III. 2. Ad magistratum. III. 3. Ad populum. VI. Whereunto are now added two sermons more, the one preached at St. Pauls Crosse, the other at a visitation, concerning the perswasion of conscience. By Robert Saunderson, Dr. in Divinity, and chaplaine in ordinary to his Maiesty

Sanderson, Robert. Two sermons preached at Paules-Crosse London. : The one November 21. the other Aprill 15. 1627. By Robert Saunderson, Bachelour in Divinitie, and sometimes Fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford