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Sanderson, Robert. Fourteen sermons heretofore preached. : IIII. Ad clerum. III. Ad magistratum. VII. Ad populum. By Robert Sanderson D.D. Sometimes Fellow on Lincolne Colledge in Oxford and rector of Botheby Paynel Linc

Sanderson, Robert. Twenty sermons formerly preached. : XVI. Ad aulam. III. Ad magistratum. I. Ad populum. And now first published by Robert Sanderson D.D. Professor Regius in the University of Oxford, and chaplain in ordinary to the late Kings Majesty

Sanderson, Robert. XXXIV sermons. : Viz. XVI. Ad aulam. IV. clerum. VI. magistratum. VIII. populum. By the right reverend father in God, Robert Sanderson late lord Bishop of Lincoln. With a large preface by the said author. The fifth edition; corrected and amended. Whereunto, is now added a sermon, printed by a correct copy under the authors own hand